Targeted Flora and Fauna Surveys Services-
Targeted Flora and Fauna Surveys

“Our Ecological consultants carry out surveys of targeted flora and fauna that may have legislative conservation status”

Targeted flora and fauna surveys are typically requested by private landholders or mining companies to accompany their development applications. Such surveys inspire confidence in determining authorities to decide whether an application should proceed, require further study, or be denied.

A thorough knowledge of the subject species (e.g. identification features, habitat requirements, tracks and scats etc.) is required by the practising ecologist to efficiently identify the species on site and/or predict the likelihood of occurrence of the subject species.

We have a very knowledgeable team with countless years of experience undertaking targeted surveys of flora and fauna, and specialists with expertise on particular legislative species or bioregions. We ensure subject species are meticulously addressed for potential occurrence and methodologies approached from a solid and robust scientific base to meet legislative demands.


Please contact our Ecological Consultants to discuss your project needs. 

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