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Tagasaste Seed

“We supply tagasaste seed, a nutritious palatable fodder shrub that serves as a ‘green haystack’ to livestock during the late-summer to early-winter feed gap”

 Key Benefits of Tagasaste (Chamaecytisuspalmensis):

· Provides high protein greenfeed in summer and early autumn (being a deep-rooted perennial) when pastures (shallow-rooted) are generally of low nutritional value;

· Can replace/ reduce the need for supplementary feeding during drier months;

· Are highly resilient and resprout  immediately following disturbance, hence browsing is not detrimental to the plant;

· Are drought tolerant and well suited to sandy country but tolerates a wide range of soil types including gravels, loams, acid laterites and limestones that are well drained;

· Provides shelter and shade for livestock;

· Increases soil fertility through nitrogen fixation;

· Can increase carrying capacity of poor acid sands;

· Helps with dryland salinity control through the uptake of groundwater;

· Can be graze continually by cattle but 6 weeks at a time for sheep;

· Row planting can serve as windbreaks hence assist with soil stabilisation and reduce soil erosion.


Site Requirements for Tagasaste:

· 350-1600mm rainfall (i.e. temperate regions);

· Free draining soils required (grows well on deep sandy soil) and will not tolerate saline, clayey waterlogged soils;

· Requires routine rotational grazing/ mechanical cutting or pruning to prevent plant from vertically growing beyond stock grazing height capabilities, and to ensure that vegetative reproduction (rather than sexual reproduction i.e. via flowering) becomes predominant which enhances the long term survival and productivity of the individuals;

· Prefers soil pH of 4.8 to 6 (CaCl2) or 5.5 to 6.5 (H2O) although it has also been known to grow on soils with higher pH;

· Weed, insect and vermin control.

 With every purchase, we ensure our customers receive clean pure tagasaste seed, and understand the treatments and requirements for  successful tagasaste establishment on your property.

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Please contact our Seed and Revegetation Consultants to discuss your tagasaste needs and requirements.

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