Seed Testing Services-
Seed Testing

“We provide a range of seed testing services examining all aspects of seed quality such as germination rates, viability, purity and health”

Seed Testing is performed in our laboratories using the following methods:

· Germination tests: reports the fraction (%) of seeds  that germinate out of a sample of approximately 200 to 400 seeds 

· Purity test: reports the fraction (%) by weight of sample, of other crop seeds, inert matter and weed seeds in a test sample (i.e. other than subject seed species). 

· Viability test: reports the fraction (%) of viable seeds in a sample using the Tetrazolium chloride (TZ) test which involves:

-       preconditioning the seeds by soaking or pre-moistening (imbibition)

-       dissecting seeds longitudinally or transversely with a scalpel so embryo is exposed

-       soaking seeds with water and TZ solution

-       evaluation of seed colour change (the change in colour represents a viable seed) 

· Weed test: identifies the fraction (%) of sample seed that is different from the subject species.


Please contact our Seed and Revegetation Consultants to discuss your seed testing requirements

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