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Salt Tolerant Seed

“We supply seed from a variety of Saltbush species that offer high nutritious value (high protein content) during the autumn feed gap and aid in dryland salinity control”

Saltbush (Atriplex species)

Common Species we supply include:

          Atriplexamnicola (River Saltbush)

          Atriplexnummularia (Old Man Saybush)

          Atriplexundulata (Wavy-leaf Saltbush)

          Atriplexsemibaccata (Creeping Saltbush)

          Atriplexcinerea (Grey Saltbush)

          Atriplexlentiformis (Quailbush)


Saltbush (Atriplex species) characteristics and grazing potential               

·          Drought tolerant, halophytic shrubs with prostrate to erect growth habits

·          Moderate to high tolerance of saline soils hence aid in dryland salinity control

·          Moderate to high tolerance of waterlogged soils

·          Generally palatable with high protein concentration but also has high salt concentrations

·          Can be used as a fodder combined with other feeds because they offer:


-       high protein content (nutritious)

-       high salt concentration (lowers palatability and is toxic at very high levels)

-       low in metabolisable energy

-       limited edible dry matter

-       moderate oxalate concentrations (toxic at high levels)

Hence weight maintenance is achieved by complementing with other plant material of low-salt concentration and high energy (e.g. hay). Must also have plentiful supply of good quality freshwater to help flush salts out of their system.

·         Grazing required at least 9-12 months following establishment – important for vigorous growth of sprouting stems

·          Short grazing periods (<21 days) preferred over long term continuous grazing

·          Leave approximately 15% foliage over routine grazing practices


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Please contact our Seed and Revegetation Consultants for pricing of seed from the various Saltbush species.

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