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“Our preferred seed pickers collect seed from species throughout WA and can provide you with a local provenance seed collecting service”

For those conscientious land managers wanting to restore genetic integrity into their revegetation site, the procurement of ‘local provenance’ seed may be contracted to establish a genetically coherent population that’s adapted to the ‘local’ environment. PASES is up-to-date with the literature concerning the controversial impacts of introducing ‘only local provenance’ seed, and can assess whether this method is a genetically and financially viable option for the clients restoration site by assessing factors such as restoration site substrate suitability to local/original community type/s, the degree of surrounding habitat fragmentation which may directly influence population sizes and harvestibility of target species, and the degree of similarity between restoration site and bioregional environmental conditions (e.g. soil, altitude, rainfall, temperatures etc.) influencing the degree of genetic variation between distant and proximate populations. ‘Composite provenancing’ to include a ‘lighter mix’ of proximate and eco-geographically matched seed may also be recommended to increase the overall genetic vigour and evolutionary adaptive capacity of the restored population to survive natural disturbance factors such as climate change (discussed below). PASES can assess the viability of the ‘local provenance’ focussed project and prepare a quotation to distribute a team to collect and supply the prescribed mix of ‘local and non-local (if required) provenance’ seed to ensure the best possible chances of returning genetically functional, self-sustaining populations.

For more background information on this continually evolving and controversial topic, read the interesting information below. Dr Dulana Herath’s personal recommendations in restoring ‘genetic integrity’ into restored populations are also discussed.


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