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PASES are Native Seed Suppliers to the Pilbara, Kimberley, Goldfields, Wheat belt and Swan Coastal Plain Regions. Our seed is of the highest purity from known seed pickers, and our scientific seed consulting service is of the highest calibre with academic professionals integrating scientific principles of Restoration Ecology into your sites seed mix selections

Seed Prescription Service

PASES is an outstanding seed merchant providing an enviable seed consulting service unparalleled to other companies by providing professional scientific advice on suitable seed mixes (species selections and application rates) in relation to geographical location, environmental, and biological attributes of the restoration site.

This consulting service is based on a thorough desktop analysis of:

•        Flora database searches in relation to geographical location of site;

•        Internal and external Biodiversity Survey Reports within locality of site;

•        Soil type to be restored;

•        Local knowledge of the area (and seed picker’s advice); and

•        Expert knowledge in applying Restoration Ecology principles.

This valuable service significantly reduces the burden on clients, who acknowledge reliability on scientists with expertise in Restoration Ecology to prescribe suitable seed mixes based on species locally growing and environmental attributes of the local area.

Our Target Areas 

We stock seeds of species found throughout WA. This includes (but not limited to) the following Interim Biogeographic Regions of Western Australia:

•        Pilbara;

•        Kimberley;

•        Goldfields;

•        Wheatbelt;

•        Swan Coastal Plain;and

•        South Coastal.


Seed Storage

Our storage room facility is kept free of insects and rats through regular fumigation and baiting. The room is air-conditioned and kept below 20°C, an environmental temperature designed to prolong seed life. Our bulk seeds are stored in airtight containers to minimise metabolic activity of seeds.

Seed Purity

We ensure our customers receive clean, pure seed. This is achievable through utilisation of our seed processing and cleaning equipment, such as threshers, vacuum separators, seed cleaners and sieves. This ensures our customers receive a clean quality product in its pure state, hence its value for money.                                          

Please contact our Seed Team to discuss your native seed requirements

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