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Bush Regeneration/ Weed Management

“Our dedicated Revegetation Team can design and implement your Weed Management programme anywhere in WA” 

Bush Regeneration is a complex and synergistic form of native vegetation restoration involving the removal of the weedy component of an ecosystem (via human intervention) to allow for native species to expand outwards and dominate the groundcover. The goal is to protect and enhance native floral biodiversity by providing conditionsconducive to the recruitment and survival of native plants with the alleviation of weed competition.

Our quality team advices and implements the most cost effect solutions to alleviate the densities of native vegetation on affected sites. These decisions are based on a wealth of knowledge from practical experience and research in this field. Knowledge of the biological attributes of the subject weed species is vital to the success of the restoration programme. For instance, follow-up control is timed before target weed seeds in soil germinate, establish and reach reproductive maturity. This is where our company’s botanical knowledge will provide the best advice to eliminate the problem.

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