Aquarium Services-
Aquarium Services

Our affordable and reliable aquas-capers have good experience in designing, executing and maintaining commercial and residential salt water and freshwater aquariums. Our staff are qualified in aquaculture and/or related fields and can undertake fish disease diagnosis with the aid of the microscope

Specifically, we undertake:

  • year round maintenance of aquariums e.g. water quality testing (pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Hardness), water changes, siphoning and vacuuming detritus from gravel, cleaning glass walls and filter media, fish disease diagnosis  etc.  

  • design services and consulting e.g. for building companies, commercial and residential properties; 

  • aquascaping;

  • aquarium rentals (ask staff for brochures);

  • aquarium relocations; and 

  • fIsh disease diagnosis using microscopes. 


Please contact our Aquatic specialists to discuss any aspect of aquarium design and maintenance we offer. We guarantee an excellent and affordable service rate to suit your budget.  

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