Aquaponics Services-

Our Aquatic team have countless years of experience in design, implementation and maintenance of aquaponic systems

Aquaponics integrates both aquaculture and hydroponics disciplines whereby fish and plants grow symbiotically within an artificially built system. The advantage is you save water and save the use of adding fertilizers or chemicals. 

The most common ‘backyard’ system uses a main tank (usually IBC containers) to grow edible fish species and which pumps water above into a smaller tank containing vegetables overlaid by medium-sized clay media. An outlet on the bottom of the top tank allows percolation of the water through filter media (via gravity) to the bottom tank. In the process, waste excreted from fish provide nutrients for vegetables to grow. The fish benefit from filtered, nutrient-free clean water. 

Suitable fish species include trout, barramundi, jade perch, black bream, brown trout, tilapia, koi, goldfish etc. 

A large variety of vegetables are possible to grow in aquaponic systems. 

Please contact our Aquatic team to discuss any aspect of your desired aquaponic system, including fish species and vegetables.

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